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Enthusiasm versus contentment


Jefferson celebrates everything that happens to him or near him.

I ate a cookie Dave! Or I’m making a lot of noise Dave! Or Look Dave! I spilled crackers! I got them all over the place! ALL OVER THE PLACE! DAVE!

He’s constantly searching for new experiences. Last night I taught him how to wash his hands. At first he had the time of his life, but then he started crying. He was washing his hands really fast and got scared.

Daniel is more sedate. His needs are simple. Unlimited food and sleep. That’s it. As long as he’s clean, fed, and rested he’ll contentedly lay in his crib.

Here are their mottoes:

Jefferson: There’s always something noisier and shinier just around the corner.

Daniel: If you wait long enough, they’ll bring the food to you. You don’t have to move.



Overheard In Trader Joe’s


Customer: Will you be open on New Year’s Day?

Employee: No, we’ll be closed. Actually we’ll be closed on New Year’s Eve too. We’re also closed every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Customer: We’ll that’s good I guess. I mean good for you.

Employee: Oh yes it is. Actually it’s good for humanity. No one should have to work on those days. You should be with your family.

Customer: Definitely. And if you forgot something you can always go to Walgreen’s. They’re open.

Daniel’s learning to roll over


It’s a bold new world filled with adventure.

And floormats.


Although he’d really prefer laying in his crib and laughing.

Why move when you don’t have to?


Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine!


Last Saturday morning Jefferson and I built a tower of freedom while Daniel supervised.


We attempted a pyramid later that day but had some disputes over parts.

Here’s 80 seconds of “Mine Mine Mine Mine!”

mine mine mine pic

Here’s a bigger version of it (160 megs).

At the end Jefferson urges me to remain calm while he finds me something I can use. Then he of course bumped his head against the table and forgot all about this silliness.

We often encounter similar managerial issues while building/maintaining the railroad.


Jefferson likes the excitement of crashes and talking engines. I prefer efficiency and performance.

Thumbs are delicious.


Mine are baby flavor. I’ll share next time. Maybe.


Jefferson constantly expands his phone repertoire.


Hello Sissy, how are you?


Jefferson with fake phone

Daniel discovers he has fingers


A couple days ago Daniel discovers he has fingers.

Here’s 32 seconds of careful study.

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