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7:10 PM Thursday

by on Thursday, March 11, 2010 7:14 pm

Dave: Hey! Hi honey I’m home! Ha ha ha! Get it? So how are you doing? So how are the contractions?

Paula: Oh babe, I’m not having contractions, it’s just cramps.

Dave: Uh? Last night I distinctly heard you say as I was heading into the bedroom, “Now that is a contraction.”

Paula: Oh, that was just one contraction. I haven’t had any since then. No real ones anyway.

Dave: No, no. You obviously had a contraction early this morning as I got up for work. You groaned and your fists clenched like it was the new fashion.

Paula: Really? I must have slept through it.

Dave: So I should go to work tomorrow? The deal was for five days. If I take tomorrow off, I have to go back next Friday. The ladies in my training today said you could “go at any time.” And the women on our conference call this morning said I should go home to be here when it happened.

Paula: Oh honey, that’s up to you.

Dave: We still have beer right? Your family didn’t drink it all?


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One Comment
  1. Michael permalink

    That’s right. Start drinking now so that when you get punched in the face later for what you are about to put her through you will not remember it.

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