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4:41 PM Friday

by on Friday, March 12, 2010 4:49 pm

Jenny, One of the midwives, came by. Paula seems good. Apparently this might be a very long, extended “labor.” Did I take Friday off for no reason? Depends upon your point of view I guess.

Jenny also approved the birthing tub. She said it looked great. I’m glad there’s no worries there. I’ve tried it a few times. It’s rather comfortable.

Paula believes that the baby will be a boy, but she isn’t sure. The ultrasound technician told me what it was, but I haven’t told her at her request. Now I don’t know. I heard from someone who was told in the 8th month he was going to have a girl. And then it was actually a boy. Who knows?

Paula has alternatively demanded booty dances, ice cream, hot dogs, funny movies, and popsicles.

I predicted labor would begin Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Right on that one.

I now predict the birth will happen Saturday late afternoon to Sunday late morning. Place your bets!

Almost nothing to do now but wait.


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  1. booty dances? I wish I could unread that.

    • Dave permalink

      I’ll videotape one for you if you want starring The Cheek Brothers.

  2. and….more conversations please. they make this blog.

  3. Auntie Jo permalink

    I think late tomorrow sounds about right. Get as much sleep as you can!! Sending big love!!!

  4. I’m gonna take a stab at it and say late morning to mid day tomorrow. Either way you both will be ready!

    • Mo! You’re way off buddy! At this rate I’ll be totally wrong too. Best guess sometime in April!

  5. Theresa L permalink

    “any baby news????”….just kidding, David….seriously, I hope things are going well and progressing nicely. Hang in there! Good luck to both of you!

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