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1:22 PM Saturday

by on Saturday, March 13, 2010 1:22 pm

Dave: Good morning, how are you doing?

Paula: Okay. You’re playing poker?

Dave: Yes, and shopping for baby stuff. How is the labor?

Paula: What labor?

Dave: Uggh. What now?

Paula: I had some bad contractions during the night, but the sun came up and they ended.

Dave: Agguh. I must post this! Again, what now? What’s the plan?

Paula: You tell them that the midwife is coming over with potions and lotions and acupuncture.

Dave: Why did you just open that window?

Paula: Because it needs airing out.

Dave: But I’m cold!

Paula: Hold on, don’t be a wimp.

(Paula returns with blanket, an “Oprah favorite” pick.)

Dave: Thank you. This is wonderful! You know, I can’t keep waiting around for you. I should switch out the router and put up the shelves in the basement. And Mr. Handberry’s coming over and we’ll put up the light in the backyard.

Paula: No one asked you to wait around, in fact I told you to go to work yesterday, kind of sort of. And you have to update after the midwife potion. It sounds like she’s a magical wizard bringing me a special gift.

Dave: Ooh, I might have this guy. If he doesn’t have a queen, this pot is mine!

Paula: Are those boobs behind your cards, or are those pots of gold?

Dave: Yes, yes. Those are huge boobs on my avatar. I seem to get more action if people think I’m a woman.

Paula: We are so boring, aren’t we?


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  1. maybe it’s a vampire? the sun comes up and the contractions go away?

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