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8:00 PM Sunday

by on Sunday, March 14, 2010 7:03 pm

Dave: So contractions are continuing huh?

Paula: Uh huh.

Dave: And they’re increasing?

Paula: Uh huh.

Dave: Good. Candid!


Dave: Not bad. . . Get in there Mrs Handberry!

Mrs. Handberry: Oh no Dave, I go cross-eyed.

Dave: No really, get in there Mrs. Handberry. Get in there! Get in there!


Dave: That’s a good picture.

Ophelia: You’re posting that aren’t you?

Dave: Yes.

Ophelia: Daddy, please go get Dave and find something to do.

Paula: Her hold this, take it.

<Dave takes the cup of soup as Paula goes through a contraction. Dave takes a sip.>

Paula: I didn’t say drink it, I said hold it.

Dave: Sorry, it was food and it was in front of me. I can drink the rest now right?

Paula: Uhhhhh. . . . No.


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  1. Is this the birth that never ends?

  2. Auntie Jo permalink

    It goes on and on, my friends….

  3. Auntie Jo permalink

    Cute family, BTW!

  4. Gina Bobina permalink

    There must needs be PEANUT!

    Paula – I hope it all goes by quicker so you can get to the deeds of motherhood!

    Dave – You MUST see Valentine’s Day!

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