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2:00 AM Wednesday

by on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 1:00 am

Folks at work! Thank you for the basket of goodies! Paula and I have already eaten almost all the food. The cookies were tasty.

Another late night. The baby is hungry again. Paula hasn’t really slept since Saturday morning. I’ve had a few naps. Jefferson apparently likes the nightlife. Maybe we’ll get him a disco ball in a few months.

He is also quite strong for a newborn. He is constantly escaping from his swaddle, and he is already holding his head up and looking around from time to time.

Paula: Save me from the devil cookies!

Dave: Save yourself woman.

Paula: I can’t. Take them away!

<5 minutes later>

Paula: What did you do with the cookies? Can I have one more?

Dave: Sorry. I ate them all.


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  1. KMH permalink


  2. Leslee permalink

    Look at that sweet little face! He’s a doll!

  3. Barbara S permalink

    So very precious.

  4. Lisa Goodall permalink

    What a cutie.

  5. Theresa L permalink

    Jefferson is so cute! Bring him in for a visit when you guys feel up to it!

  6. Nightlife? You both will regret that….

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