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Dreams of sleep = two cradle swings

by on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 10:29 pm

Sleep deprivation can be quite a motivator.

At times Jefferson will only sleep if he is rocked or swung. It is easy to do if you stay up with him and swing or rock him in his carrier. If you stop though he gets fussy, wakes up, and starts crying. This is frustrating at 9 PM. It is absolutely maddening at 1 AM. Alternatively, sometimes he dislikes trying to fall asleep flat on his back. He prefers to sleep on a slight incline. Jefferson tells me it helps fight off the gas monster. That horrible, evil, vile gas monster. The monster is no gentleman.

So I bought two cradle swings. One will let him sleep on a slight incline, while the other has a motor that can keep him moving indefinitely. So far, he really enjoys both. If these work out they will be the best money ever spent in the history of babykind. (Including the rush shipping!) I suppose we’ll find out tonight.


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  1. Vanessa permalink

    I love these pictures and so get the laying down thing. I tried everything from bed in bed, to amby bed and the incline seat with the vibrator worked the best of course for me in my arms was the best!

    • Dave permalink

      So far he really likes the one that allows him to sleep on an incline. That is the cheap one. The expensive one he is learning to tolerate. He still prefers to sleep in someone’s arms. We’ll see how it goes!

  2. He appears to be the tiniest terrorist I’ve ever seen.

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