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Hands to the face

by on Monday, April 19, 2010 9:23 pm

Jefferson keeps flailing his arms and legs at random for no reason that we can discern. If he’s happy he flails about. He’s frustrated he flails about. He’s nursing and he flails about. He’s confused he flails about. Paula calls this kicky legs and/or punchy fists. Apparently that is normal and will be for a number of months.

The sad thing is he keeps hitting himself in the face and then wonders what happened. You can clearly read his confusion and anxiety/frustration on his face. What are these things that keep smacking me? If you try to restrain him slightly, for his own good, he becomes infuriated. He hates being swaddled. I suppose he’ll learn. Below is a picture of him as he tries to understand what just happened.

Paula has twice more broached the subject of estrogen treatments. That way I can grow breasts and help with feeding the baby. It would be easy and and require no surgery. Here is the proof. She is joking.



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