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Kicky Legs means you’re voted off. Off!

by on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 9:08 pm

1) Siobhan sucks and needs to leave American Idol. Her behind needs to be voted off this week. She sounded like she was on drugs. Vote her off! Vote her off now!

2) Tim is so bad he made the baby cry. I had to turn Peanut’s face away to rescue him from the awfulness.

3) Siobhan is definitely on drugs.  She doesn’t speak words, she spouts nonsensical gibberish.

4) When the baby starts his kicky legs and punchy fists–or cries–it means he hates the performer on stage. He would have voted off Tim and Siobhan.

5) Dave thinks Siobhan is mostly just intimidated and nervous.  I declare she is on drugs. I know it. You know it.

6) Mike was wonderful, I made sure the baby had a front row seat.

7) Peanut says “Mama I like the milk.”

— There is no number 8) —

9) Dave must provide more booty dances. And get Siobhan off the drugs.

10) I would leave Dave in a heartbeat for Big Mike. And also maybe for Lee.

11) I can’t decide if Peanut makes noises more like ET (he does not look like ET!) or a gremlin.

12) Crystal Bowersox was Am-az-ing!

13) Someone needs to pluck out Tim’s absurd eyeballs and make them into toys for when Peanut is a toddler. Aaron did very well.

14) Peanut has a shout out of a satisfied burp.

– Maybe not Lee.


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  1. Dave permalink

    That’s definitely the most American Idol I’ve ever watched in one continuous burst. Jefferson could not possibly understand what he saw or heard. He just likes the white noise and light show.

    I now understand the allure of using a television as a babysitter.

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