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Gut-Off 2010, baby sponge baths

by on Thursday, April 22, 2010 10:50 pm

It’s on!

Here are the two contestants:

I suppose I will have to admit that Virgil’s gut is bigger than mine. I will say in my own defense though that in relation to my overall body, my gut is proportionally larger.

So we both win. Yahoo!

Virgil really likes hanging out with Jefferson. I have been teaching him the bouncey shoosh.

Jefferson had another bath. He doesn’t necessarily enjoy them, but he doesn’t protest either. (As long as we don’t get his face wet.) In forty years he will regard a sponge bath given by two people catering to his every needs as a luxury. Currently he seems to realize that his skin is wet, but in a way different than a dirty diaper. It’s a new experience that he still ponders when it happens.


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  1. If he is receiving a sponge bath in 40 years hopefully it will be a luxury and not a necessity as a result of years of cocaine abuse.

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