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The Diaper Runway

by on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 8:04 pm

Dave: One of my bosses at work got us something. Check it out! It’s a two-piece. I think it will fit him and seems well made. Very soft.

Paula: It looks really cute. .  Oh! And you know what? Look at this. I returned the diaper cover that wouldn’t fit and got him this new one. He’s wearing it right now, see? The green pattern on this new diaper cover will match that green bottom. And the brown and green brown dog on the shirt will match too! Oooooohh.

Dave: Yes, I think so. They both have green. And a little brown.

Paula: Oh and check what else I got after I returned some things. Look at them! LOOK AT THEM!

Dave: Cool. More diapers and diaper covers. These look nice. And they’re soft. We could certainly use them.

Paula: I need more than that. I need you to ooh and ah over them.

Dave: Oh yes, they are so nice and soft and hopefully practical and probably cost effective and –

Paula: They are so cute aren’t they!

Dave: Uh, aren’t they diaper products?

Paula: Yes, but how can you say no to <pulls items out of bag> a blue background with little brown monkeys? And! And! A brown background with little blue flowers? And this! And an iridescent blue cover?

Dave: Yes, I see them. They’re nice.

Paula: This is iridescent! IR-I-DE-SCENT!

Dave: Diaper fashion. Who knew?


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  1. Auntie Jo permalink

    IR-I-DE-SCENT! These are perfect for summer!

    Paula, let’s take that baby to the beach!

    • Dave permalink

      Not a bad idea for sometime in July. We’ll have to arrange a trip to the coast.

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