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A calm baby means keep moving at all costs.

by on Tuesday, May 4, 2010 5:08 pm

Yesterday Paula and I went grocery shopping. Or rather Paula shopped and I pushed a Jefferson around for a little over two hours. We just kept a-circlin’ and a-circlin’.

It was simple to keep him calm. Just keep moving. If he gets a little fussy, pop the pacifier in his mouth. While you are still moving of course.

His behavior when he’s in the car seat is almost identical. He complains when the car stops, then calms down almost instantly when it starts moving again. If he’s really fussy, give him the pacifier and he’ll calm down.

What on Earth will Paula do tonight? Siobhan was voted off! There’s nothing left for her now. She says she likes Crystal the best, but she doesn’t have nearly the passion in her voice she did when she jeered Siobhan.

Dave: He needs the pacifier badly. Have you seen it?

Paula: Oh honey, I lost that hours ago. It’s here in the house somewhere.

<Five minutes later>

Dave: I found it on top of a box in the spare bedroom. Now I sterilize it again like we talked about?

Paula: *Sigh* Uh no, just wash it off a little bit in some really hot water. That’s fine.

<Later on>

Paula: Baby, were you eating over the baby?

Dave: I dunno. Maybe.

Paula: This looks like grilled herbed chicken here on his shirt.

Dave; Okay, what does it taste like?

Paula: I haven’t checked and don’t plan on it.

Dave: Hold on. . . You’re right that’s the grilled chicken.


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