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The Giggley Idol Results

by on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 10:46 pm

1) That’s why I love Big Mike. He is so versatile. He can do Rock, R&B, Swing, you name it.

2) Pretty Boy is good at rock and that’s about it. Maybe he’ll go home tonight? Even Aaron has more range than he does. Darn right Pretty Boy won’t go on stage again without his guitar. He needs it like Paula Deen needs butter.

3) Lee has moved to the top of the list in my heart. I would absolutely leave Dave for Lee.

4) Ryan Seacrest is annoying. Does he try to come off that way so the contestants look better in comparison? Perhaps.

5) Of course Lee is safe. See, this is why Ryan is annoying.

6) Dave is excited. He has heard of Lady Gaga! No obscure Lady Antebellum here! And yet her song is dull. She’s weird. The music is beside this odd spectacle. Maybe the song would be nice as a club mix. Dave says that’s the point! I see, Dave recognizes her from his electronica fetish.

7) Harry Connick Jr. is one hilarious man. And a fantastic singer too! He is awesome. He seems like a wonderful person.

8) Peanut has a love affair with two lamps in our house. He could stare at them for hours. He does stare at them for hours. Sometimes he has delightful conversations with them. Right now he’s gazing adoringly at a lamp while Harry Connick Jr. croons a love song. Lamp romance.

9) I wish Aaron well. He seems like a sweet guy. He’ll be an awesome Disney star. Maybe for another 6-7 years, then he’ll be too old to appeal to pre-teens.

10) Peanut really seems to like it when Dave giggleys him. Fifteen seconds of giggley-ing below.


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