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In Connecticut with the Handberries

by on Sunday, May 16, 2010 2:41 pm

We are in Connecticut with the Handberry’s. I am traveling on business to New Jersey and Paula decided to take advantage of this opportunity to visit her family. I spent today with Paula’s brother Virgil and his son Mitchell. Paula spent it with her parents and her sister Ophelia. Tonight I drive down to Morris Plains, then back up next Friday.

On the flight over Jefferson was wonderful. He either slept, ate, or giggleyed with me. Paula mostly fed him or slept herself. Occasionally both at the same time.

I didn’t realize how much of an island NYC was until we started to land. We descended from over the ocean and it was amazing to watch the water suddenly turn into buildings and people. We even had the honor of watching a drug deal gone bad just before we touched down. I’m glad I bought a .45 with me! Television has taught me so much about New York City. The residents shoot each other constantly, especially over drugs. Even so, I think we’ll be fine as long as we keep Jefferson off a drug called “the crack” (it is a form of cocaine).

At this moment Paula is showing off Jefferson’s diaper. He is wearing a lovely blue diaper with brown monkeys, accesorized by Paula’s obsession. “Look, look, he’s a monkey butt!” I think know she has flaunted his buttocks at every opportunity. Earlier he was wearing a dashing purple diaper with wonderful shiny buttons. Daring for spring wear, but he makes it look good.

Mrs. Handberry confessed she had no idea how important it is to coordinate diapers and onesies, but to be fair humanity’s understanding of baby fashion was so primitive 35 years ago. I hope her children understand and don’t blame her too much. In contrast, Paula’s knowledge of this technology is cutting edge.

We will try to make it into the city next weekend. I will practice shooting and quick drawing before we go. Here is Mrs Handberry’s oldest grandchild Derrick with her youngest Jefferson.


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