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One more day in the War Room, then back to Bethel.

by on Friday, May 21, 2010 7:54 am

I came to New Jersey for training, but instead I’ve spent my time in the “War Room.”  We are providing quick assistance for staff on the ground who are converting our new client from their old processor to us. The best comparison I can make is the communications center some political campaigns create so they can respond to issues quickly. Instead ours are technical and not political. It’s been fascinating participating in this process, although it has been odd getting to work between 10-1 during the day and then getting off work  between 10-2 at night. Sadly, the hours have eliminated any chance of getting lost or mugged in NYC. There just wasn’t time to head into the city. Saying no to crack will have to wait until next time.

Instead I have tried saying no to food but have failed miserably and repeatedly. Unfortunately, we are being fed more often and better in the war room than anyone has a need or right to have. I have probably put on 5 pounds while I’m here. I may exceed 200 pounds once again. I swore I’d never get above 175 again, but life happens. I’ll lose it again. I hope!

On other matters Jefferson has apparently had a grand time at the Handberry’s.  He really loves Mrs. Handberry. She makes him laugh. I’m glad he’s had a good time while visiting his mother’s family. Hopefully I’ll see him and Paula again in a few hours.

When I got to work yesterday I discovered my laptop had been moved/hidden/stolen.  That made it almost impossible to do training, take client calls, or assist coworkers.  (I eventually learned later someone had hidden it as a precaution). In order to make productive use of my time, I accepted an offer to accompany two coworkers to the wall of beer during their lunch hour. The wall is astounding! I mean it would be an impressive sight even in Portland, the beer center of America. Such a selection! NJ, you have impressed me! You may not have the crack that NYC has, but you certainly have beer!

Here’s a photo.



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