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Giggley Sophistication! Viva Adama!

by on Monday, May 31, 2010 7:26 pm

Jefferson is about 11 pounds now (we think). He sleeps about 5-6 hours during the night and so far appears to be in perfect health. He’s not as easy to giggley as he used to be. Until just recently I just had to giggle and tap him with jazz hands and he’d start cooing or laughing. Now he wants more. He’s become more sophisticated. I’ll have to do more testing to figure out what he wants. He seems to value eye contact now in a way he didn’t before.

On other matters I bought Paula the Viva Adama onesie she had her eye on so desperately. She clapped in happiness. Here’s a photo.

I honestly don’t know which diaper he is currently wearing. I can only hope that it is the cow diaper. That would go perfectly with the black white of the onesie. It certainly shouldn’t be the yellow diaper. That would be in just awful taste.  The hippie diaper would also be bad. The IR-E-DES-CENT diaper would overshadow the onesie. The purple one would go well and most of the other diapers would be okay. I’m asking Paula which it is.

Dave: Which diaper is he wearing?

Paula: I think it’s blue one. No wait, it’s the hippie flower one.

Dave; Aggh! That doesn’t match the onesie at all. But wouldn’t the cow diaper have been a better one with the Viva Adama onesie? Why isn’t he wearing the cow diaper?

Paula: I don’t know honey. I’m a bad mother. Wait, are you harassing me on the blog, and telling everyone how I picked the wrong diaper?

Dave: Yes.

Paula: I feel so sad now.

Dave: Why don’t you fondle some of the diapers and you’ll feel better?

Paula: Fondle, you think I should fondle–

Dave: Yes.

Paula: –the clean diapers? Because of my diaper obsession? Yeah yeah. Well, you might as well also put in there that I torched the roast. Usually it’s rare and juicy, but not tonight. It’s dried out.

Dave: Hah! My frittata came out perfect! I told you if you mix leftovers with eggs you can make a meal out of almost anything. . . Not that this was a competition. Or that one of us won and the other one lost.  I’m sure the roast will be delicious.

<ten minutes later>

Paula: Actually he pooed in the hippie diaper. Now he has the monkey diaper on.

Dave: Oh thank heaven! That’s so much better!


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  1. hahahhahahaha! ADAMA!!

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