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And I thought gas was a formidable opponent

by on Sunday, June 6, 2010 10:20 pm

Jefferson is teething. His frustration from gas is starting to wane, but the frustration from teething has only just started. You could usually do something for the gas by burping him over your shoulder. So far nothing seems to work for the teething. He cries so much his face turns beet red. Eating is the only thing that reliably calms him down.

— Vodka Swabs: Some relief but only for a few minutes.
— Frozen Hand Towel: He hates them and spits them out.
— Orajel: Not a damn thing.
— Hyland’s Tablets: Helps some, but sometimes he starts to throw up.
— Hyland’s Teething Gel: No help at all.
— Teething Ring: He’s too small for them.
— Fingers: These used to provide the most relief, but their effectiveness has almost worn off.

He has all the symptoms of teething, especially the teeth. Teething isn’t supposed to start until a baby is six or seven months. A lot of the recommended remedies are for much older children. What the hell is going on?

Anyone has any advice, we’re all ears, all three of us. Especially the littlest one.


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  1. Dave permalink

    Lisa S at my workplace suggested a special toothbrush for baby gum massaging. We’ll try that.

  2. Next thing you are going to say is that he has donned a plaid shirt and is headed for the forest as a lumberjack! He is developing too fast. Make him stop!

    • Dave permalink

      Sorry can’t. I was bitten by a radioactive lumberjack years ago, so the damage has already been done.

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