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Bright Lights, Big Screen

by on Thursday, June 17, 2010 10:43 pm

He is still teething. “Teething at only 3 months” you ask?” Oh yes! He already has his very first complete tooth.

More are coming. I suppose we have gotten used to it. I  even finally figured out a good way to soothe him. Believe it or not it is Bouncey Shoosh! You balance him over your shoulder, gently bounce up and down, and then shoosh in his ear. That is the only thing that really works. It helps if he has a pacifier. If that doesn’t calm him, then he is either hungry or has a dirty diaper.

The second best soother is often TV. If you put him in his cradle and set him right in front of the TV, so close that it rots his brain, that sometimes helps. He seems to mostly enjoy shows that emphasize adult drama, bright lights, and low tone white noises. Today I rocked him for a while and for at least an hour his head was tilted towards the TV. No matter how I positioned him he wanted to watch Doctor Who.

Last week he somehow managed to stick a finger up a nose. His eyes popped open in surprise! What is this strange new sensation?! He pondered it for a second then giggled as he energetically moved his finger about. It has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

He is getting more sophisticated as time goes by. He’s not satisfied with  just nibbling on a pinky these days. Now he’ll nibble a little, then push it back out, then pull it back in and nibble a little, then will push it back out again. Sometimes he tries to pull it back in and can’t, so you have to help.

He’s also beyond simple giggleying. I used to be able to get him worked up with some laughing smiles and gentle pattycake. He would laugh for a long time. Now he just chuckles for a few seconds and then looks at me. “Yes, I’ve seen that before. What else do you have? I was hoping for a mature presentation.” I am struggling to put something together. So far all of my pitches have come up short. I’ll keep at it.

A few nights ago I got him ready for bed. I dressed him in the fabled Cow Diaper. Paula was going to put the Adama onesie on him, but then decided that onesie was too good just for sleeping. Then I pointed out how the onesie perfectly complements the diaper. She quickly saw the light and he was the best dressed three month old in town, maybe the best dressed sleeping three month old in the nation.

Here’s a photo of him from last night. He is 24 inches long and probably just under 12 pounds.



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