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Last night Paula and Jefferson left for Connecticut for 4-5 weeks.

by on Tuesday, July 27, 2010 8:41 pm

So much has happened in the last three weeks

As of Sunday afternoon Jefferson is 13.1 pounds and about 27 inches long. He is just about 4 1/2 months old. I dropped him and Paula off at the Portland Airport Monday night for a 10:25 flight to Bethel.  Some cold-hearted monster refused to give me a security pass to accompany Paula to the gate, but we worked around that. The boy was so tired by the time they boarded that he was staying awake only through sheer force of fussiness.

I finally got the big new client at work, so I’ve been putting in a lot more hours than I traditionally do (Ask Paula!). But I think things might be settling back to normal for me and I hope to start getting home again at a reasonable hour. So far I’ve been lucky that everyone has been quite nice and easy to work with.

Jefferson has come to quite enjoy movement, or more accurately the feeling of movement. Having someone wiggle his legs back and forth is almost as fun as actually moving them himself. He especially likes someone picking him up high in the air and then lowering him back down again. Then he loves kicking with this legs so he can pretend he’s launching himself into the air again. It’s an odd thing. Here’s a photo of my mother putting him through his paces.

Oh yes, my parents came to visit in case I didn’t mention it!

Here they are:

He really loved my mother’s doting and grew fond of my father too.

He’s maturing at a rapid rate. He’s developed the ability to slide out of his carrier on to the floor, though it’s not easy for him to do.  He is constantly flexing his legs and trying to sit up or get to a higher vantage point. He is also developing distinct behaviors for when he’s hungry, tired, bored, etc.  I finally figured out that the giggleying he prefers is interactive. You have to adjust to his moods and switch it up a lot. Some leg wiggling, some up-downing, some walking with bouncey shush. Just pay attention and try to give him what he wants. I’m getting better at it.

He’s become quite the charming little handful most of the time when he meets strangers. He’ll usually smile and laugh, unless he’s tired in which he’ll cry and get fussy. Paula brought him to my work last week. He was having a grand old time until one of my bosses picked him, then he began crying loudly of course.

He’s slowly settling into a routine where he falls asleep about 10:00. Then he wakes up about 2-3 to snack a little and then goes back to sleep. Then he wakes up about 6 to snack again and then goes back to sleep. Then when he wakes up for the day about 9-10. Then he takes an afternoon nap, and then the cycle starts again.  During the night sometimes he eats and sleeps almost at the same time. He’s sleeping longer and better as time goes on.

I am quite surprised at how often and how much he eats. He is really an eating machine. Paula says that if he takes after me then Jefferson will eat us into bankruptcy if we are not careful.

He’s quite attentive to the outside world when we go on a stroll in his carrier. When he goes for a ride in his stroller he likes to watch the world go by. Below is a tiny slideshow as he vogues during one such journey to Walgreen’s and back.

There have been a lot of changes to the house. Our upstairs neighbor was getting by on one circuit for the entire upstairs and also had no kitchen sink. We gradually learned that she couldn’t run more than one kitchen related appliance at once. Sometimes she couldn’t run any, as just one would trip the breaker. Since she had no kitchen sink, we discovered that using the bathroom sink for water delivery and the toilet for disposal had its own problems too. There was no light in there either, which made cooking sometimes hard to do at night. Here’s how it looked just before our tenant moved in.

So we put in a true kitchen sink, a real range/oven, a light, and some extra circuit breakers. We’re about 98% finished. All that’s left is to add one more coat of sealer to the tile, fix the insulation here and there, patch some drywall, add a little paint, and add a backsplash to the countertop. Here’s how it looks now.

We also now have central air conditioning, three ceiling fans, and a true patio area. We have to construct a fence on the alley side to help prevent our AC unit falling prey to a rash of AC theft in the area. Other than that the big ticket items are finished.  But there are probably about 3 dozen little things that are still left to do.  While Paula’s gone I’m going to try to accomplish as much as I can. Starting in a few days that is. I think I am catching a summer cold. I’ve had 8 cups of herbal tea today and I am ready for my ninth.

Here’s a photo of Jefferson enjoying life.

His first favorite thing these days is eating. He second favorite thing is for someone to make noises like they are a combination of The Tasmanian Devil and Sylvester The Cat. You must pretend you are trying to decide if you are laughing or sputtering while almost drooling, while looking him in the eye the whole time. You should also pick him up and down or tickle his belly and/or move his legs while he is flat on his back.

I hope he’s having fun in Bethel! I hope he is properly attired in coordinated diapers/onesies!


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  1. Theresa L permalink

    Jefferson is so adorable! He is such a lucky baby to have such loving and doting parents, too!:) Please bring Paula and Jefferson back in to work again when they return… thanks for the updates, David!

    • Dave permalink

      You are so sweet. Thank you very much for your kind words!

  2. Auntie Jo permalink

    How are you surviving life without the family? At least you have a punchlist of things to finish up while they’re away! The new little kitchen looks great!!

    • Dave permalink

      I’m making do. Plenty of stuff to do around the house. As soon as Jefferson is big enough to hold a hammer he’s going to work!

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