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Life rolls along, as does Jefferson

by on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 3:33 pm

I had a list of about 45 things to get done while Paula and Jefferson were in Connecticut. Paint/fix/repair/install/clean etc. But over the last two weeks  I’ve migrated from one illness to another so I’ve only finished half of one item.

Here it is.

Impressive no? There’s real concrete in those holes! We’ve had a rash of A/C unit theft recently so I really wanted to put a fence around the unit by the alley, and now the fence posts are in. The concrete should be almost finished curing tomorrow, so after next weekend the fence will be totally done.

On other matters Jefferson has learned how to roll over on to his back. He’ll probably be crawling before he gets back to Portland. It’s an odd thing to think you might miss a lot of your child’s growth. Crawling isn’t the first steps but it’s not nothing either. Paula also says he can semi-say Da, Ma, and Gram too. They’ll be back on 08/27.

Here’s 45 seconds of rolling and moving baby. (The file is 36 megs).

Here’s another 45 seconds. This file is about 40 megs.

Paula: He’s changed so much. You wouldn’t recognize him.

Dave: Oh, what do you mean?

Paula: He’s gotten a lot bigger. He’s talking more, he’s more alert, he’s moving around a lot more, etc.

Dave: He weighed 13.1 pounds before you left. How much do you think he weighs now?

Paula: A little over 14 pounds.

Dave: Well, that’s not too much of a difference then. When you said “You wouldn’t recognize him,” I was afraid he’d grown into a 4 foot tall woman named Adishreenah. Send that video!


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  1. Sorry you’ve been sick. Hope you’re feeling better!

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