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Crawl Crawl Crawl Roll Crawl Roll Crawl . . . Bump! Cry!

by on Monday, October 11, 2010 10:49 pm

Jefferson loves six things best in the whole world.

1) Nursing.

2) Chewing on the TV remote/ on a window crankshaft/ on a strap on the ergo baby holder/ on a finger/ on the brown blanket on the couch.  So delicious!

For example, doesn’t this bedroom crankshaft look enticing? He loves that crankshaft! Yesterday he dined on it for 30 minutes. Afterwards I was surprised to find how much paint was gone. We need to ween him off of the tasty painted metal.

And then of course the TV remote. Where do I take the first bite. . . Hmmm. . .

3) Spending time with Mommy. Here’s 30 seconds of Paula walking him and helping him do the booty dance.

4) Bouncey Bouncey Bouncey! Here is 30 seconds of bounceyness.

5) Sleeping. . . Well to be fair he hates going to sleep. And waking up. And the act of sleeping. I suppose he hates everything related to sleeping and will do anything to avoid it. But we like it!

6) Crawling about chewing on anything he get his tiny fingers on. Here is 45 seconds of crawling from Paula to me. You turn your back for 5 seconds and he has disappeared. Either that or he has slipped and bumped his head on the floor. We will have to babyproof the house this weekend.


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  1. Hi sweety the baby is soo cute OMG… Love you guys!

  2. Auntie Jo permalink

    Such fun! And such a big boy with the crawling!!!! WOW!!!

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