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It’s a busy life! – Lot of work to do!

by on Thursday, September 22, 2011 9:59 pm

Jefferson is determined to conquer our house.

This morning he burst into the bathroom, jamming my surprised legs between the door and the toilet. After some energetic bathtub sweeping he attacked the bathroom floor too, once I got out of his way.

He brushed his teeth and watched me in the shower.

Then tonight he toured the house with a bumbo baby seat and a chair.

Here’s 60 seconds of bumbo baby seat touring and 80 seconds of chair touring. This time he had no trouble with the baby gate, but for some reason he couldn’t wrap the chair around Paula’s legs. But it’s okay, I haven’t learned how to do that yet either.

He finished up his evening by taking out some spice bottles from the spice drawers and throwing them to the floor, then picking them up and trying to cram them back in. It was that point that Paula swept him up and put him to bed.

He began his night by dreaming about dragging giant spice bottles around the house, then picking them up and throwing them to the floor. Gotta get ready for tomorrow, it’s gonna be a busy day!

Good night!


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