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Judge Shrewdy

by on Saturday, October 8, 2011 2:14 pm

Paula is obsessed with Judge Shrewdy.

Over the last two years I have been forced to become an expert on her horrible show.

Here’s a 60 Minutes interview in1993 of Judge Judith Sheindlin. The publicity from this inflicted her on the world.

Here’s the 7 rules to win on Judge Shrewdy.

1) Be prepared when you come. Bring invoices, cancelled checks, receipts, signed agreements, printouts of emails or text messages, etc.
2) If Judge Shrewdy isn’t talking to you, then be quiet. Never interrupt anyone.
3) Be succinct, direct, and polite when you do talk.
4) Be painfully honest in what you actually say. Or at least a fantastic liar.
5) Be a good person. Even if you’re legally in the right, she may become disgusted and rule against you if she decides you’re a despicable rat.
6) Dress well, wear a nice dress or suit.
7) The Shrewdy hates tattoos, drinking, piercings, etc. If you have any of that in your life, be super scrupulous about the above. (Except if you’re a tattoo artist, then she will rule against you no matter what! She hates you!)

Or if you have any sense, don’t go on her show in the first place.


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