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Band Practice and The Art of Sweeping

by on Sunday, October 9, 2011 9:53 pm

One of Paula’s friends dropped off her kids for a while to babysit.

They like Jefferson a lot. At one point they had band practice. Here’s 45 seconds near the tail end of practice.

Jefferson is also refining his throw/sweep it to the floor techniques.

Here he is in midsweep! Down goes the potato salad! Next was the mac and cheese! Next comes the waiting for applause on his bravura performance! Ole!

Fifteen minutes pass as I clean up. He’s a good kid and doesn’t mind his unscheduled bath. He even tries to help by sweeping the living room floor, the kitchen floor, and unfortunately the kitchen counters. Luckily he missed the wine glasses and the bottle, but he did manage to sweep some potato salad.

More cleanup, but I fly solo this time. He compensated by throwing the broom to the floor at least half a dozen times.

And of course, what day wouldn’t be complete without spice drawer banging and sorting. Here’s a condensed 1 minute 25 seconds worth.


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  1. You need to explain to your son that that is no way to treat chocolate 😉

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