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Jefferson’s secret hiding places

by on Sunday, October 30, 2011 11:11 pm

Jefferson is stepping up his hoarding.

Below he proudly displays his new stash in one of our heating vents.

We also found one of his food stashes under the couch.

That is was part of a banana. Or “nana” as he calls it.

We’ve learned not to offer him two pieces of food. He gets one piece, normal sized, and then we carefully observe him as he eats it. Otherwise he’ll eat the first piece and stash the other one for later.

Sometimes if we’re lucky he stashes it on the front windowsill, his favorite hiding place. Here he is retrieving his bottle from the sill.

If it’s not there, God knows where it is. But we’ll find it. Eventually.

Fortunately we don’t have to worry about liquids. He regards excess water or milk as an opportunity to make Splashy Time, as was the case here. He’s quite public about his work as a liquid performance artist. But it also forces us to consider his motives. Is he thirsty or bored?

He’s reaching the point where he could lie competently in his reply. (“Thirsty of course!”) He has a vocabulary now of about 100 words and growing. But still often it’s hard to understand him. Here’s 70 seconds of babbling as we look for momma.

He’s also stepped up his cart pushing. He’s now pushing his carts faster, longer, and with more force. He’s run right into me and Paula a couple times. Here’s 30 seconds of cart craziness.


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