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Baby Loves Disco, but apparently not Jefferson

by on Saturday, November 12, 2011 9:08 pm

Today Paula, I, and Jefferson attended a party called Baby Loves Disco at the Pioneer Square mall.

Once again, you’d think someone who loves movement more than anything else in the world would like a party based on running and flopping about.

But just like the jump room he wasn’t interested. At first he just wanted to be held or stand next to me.

Then he began watching people move and evaluating the activity booths.

The party intrigued him, but not that much. His main goal was to escape out into the regular mall, so he kept trying to sneak under the red velvet rope. Or watch the escalator. It fascinated him.

For the final forty-five minutes he enjoyed strolling amongst the spectators and occasionally wandering on to the dance floor.

He did come across a poorly gaurded hot chocolate, but I managed to snatch him away before he could pounce.

Then when it was time to go home, when we had already left the dance party, he began running around like a crazy person. He’d dash into stores and dash out again.

Here’s 20 seconds of crazed running.

Overall he had fun.


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