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Thanksgiving 2011 – The Year of TurDuckEn

by on Saturday, November 26, 2011 1:21 am

Paula started cooking at 6 AM and finished about 3 PM. Here she is at the end.

My contribution was to stay out of the kitchen and occupy Jefferson when possible. This is not hard lately. First prepare an endless loop of Thomas and Friends, make his beloved wooden cart available for banging the floor, provide bananas and crackers when needed, and let him sit in the bar stools next to the kitchen counter.

How I hate that cart. Someday it might go for a long drive in the country and never return.

Here he is with the plastic cart. It doesn’t make as much noise and doesn’t dent the floor nearly as bad as the wooden one, so of course it’s a distant second in Jefferson’s heart.

Here’s the snacks Paula prepared for us to eat during her cooking spree.

Cheeses, crackers, vegetables and meats. Jefferson has become a cracker fanatic. He now eats at least half a dozen saltines a day. If we permitted him, he would live on nothing but saltines, bananas, cheese, and goat milk.

He’s also once again obsessed with climbing the chairs and counters until he’s reached the pinnacle of that particular piece of furniture. Here’s his dream chair for eating.

Paula’s friend Lynda came over for our meal and was kind enough to bring desert. Here’s a picture of her, her two daughters, Paula, and Jefferson.

Paula made turducken, scallopped potatoes and cheese, brussel sprouts and bacon, and a variety of other dishes. Lynda brought over a very nice custard like desert. The turducken was nice, but next year I think we’ll do a simple turkey or maybe buy from Zien Hong on Sandy (I suppose I mean Paula will cook the turkey or I will drive to the Chinese restaurant) .

Unfortunately the girls and Jefferson refused all the food Paula had prepared. The girls demanded hot dogs and Jefferson just wanted more crackers. So we have enough leftovers to last the next week or two.

Oh, and everyone is still sick. Paula and Jefferson both have 100+ fevers tonight and I’m still hacking and coughing. Jefferson spent the last twenty minutes before bed frantically running his cart back and forth on top of the couch. I’m sure that’s always been a dream of his, so I was honored to participate as a human guardrail and/or speed bump.

And I’m still the only one in the family who hasn’t spent a day (or two) throwing up. Go me!


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