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The most fun a two year old can legally have.

by on Monday, March 26, 2012 11:59 pm

Here’s 40 seconds of Jefferson enjoying something his Grandmother and Grandfather Hinman got him.

It is his new favorite toy.

Mrs. and Mrs. Handberry came by for a visit earlier this month. For some odd reason I don’t think Paula or I got any pictures of them while they were here. Jefferson has taken a real shine to them. He calls Mr. Handberry Pah and Mrs. Handberry Nay. (He also calls Aunt Ophelia Sis Sis.)

They very generously got Jefferson a Thomas the Train, which he has come to adore. Most of the time he treats it like a cart and pushes it from place to place, but he has tried riding it a few times lately. Eventually he has to relinquish his cart fetish.

On other matters last year we bought and installed a childproof lock that has since been recalled. It was too easy for children to open. Fortunately we don’t have to worry!

I removed ours on the same day I installed it. It was impossible for either Paula or I to open. After about fifteen minutes of struggling I had to cut it off the cabinet doors with wire cutters. Maybe we should have let Jefferson have a crack at it.


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