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Paula resists the allure of free food

by on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 10:49 pm

Dave: Guess what! Guess what I found in the lunchroom?

Paula: What?

Dave: Lunch! A meeting had some extra lunch boxes, so they were put in the lunch room for anyone who wanted one. So I saved your bag lunch for tomorrow. And then guess what?

Paula: What?

Dave: Dinner! There was more food just before I left work. Another meeting must have had extras. So dinner taken care of too! A good day all around.

<Two hours pass.>

Dave: Ya know, I don’t feel so good. My stomach’s upset.

Paula: I’ve told you about eating food that has sat out for a while. That stuff should just be thrown away.

Dave: It wasn’t out that long. And there’s no sense in letting good food go to waste. We’ll see in another hour or two.

<One hour passes.>

Paula: How do you feel now?

Dave: Much better! I feel fine now.

Paula: So did you learn your lesson?

Dave: We’ll just have to agree to disagree. I got two free meals out of that.

Paula: But it made you sick!

Dave: It was only a little sick, and besides it only lasted for an hour. I got two free meals out of that!


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