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May-Onn-Aise. meɪəˈneɪz. Mayo.

by on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 11:55 pm

Paula’s relentless assault with the devil’s condiment continues.

This disgusting substance exists solely and unnecessarily to lubricate food.

It must be destroyed.


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  1. I am enjoying the different flavors of this delightful lubrication

  2. GinaBobina permalink

    It is important to lubricate your food! Otherwise it just becomes dried sawdust in your tummy – not a pleasantry!

    • Dave permalink

      Mayonnaise is a plot to increase world food viscosity. It must be destroyed!

  3. Can i interest you in some lemonaise?

  4. Dave permalink

    No lemonaise either thank you very much. In fact no maise anything!

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