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Some suggestions for the kiddies. . .

by on Saturday, June 30, 2012 11:19 pm

The world is a strange place. I’m 42 years old and expect to live many more years. But you never know.

So I put together some suggestions for Jefferson and kid #2. (You’ll be here in two weeks, whoever you are. We’re ready.)

I’m posting my list here in part as another safeguard. Should something happen this would be another place to access it.

On other matters Paula is now trying to sneak potato salad, coleslaw, macroni salad, and any number of other salads into the house. They’re clearly just a transport mechanism for the devil’s condiment. They must be destroyed.

Last week Jefferson and I went to Ikea to check on a mattress. (We eventually bought the Flokenes.)  He was tired and cranky after a long day, so I bought him an ice cream cone on the way out. His favorite foods have evolved into pizza, ice cream, and french fries.

He’s becoming accustomed to communicating via speech. Yesterday morning he asked for something a few times, finally slowly and carefully repeating what he wanted. But I still didn’t understand so glared at me in disgust and ran to Paula. She understood and got him some soda water.


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