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Contractions are picking up speed

by on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 3:09 pm

They’re now about every two to four minutes, lasting about 70 – 100 seconds. They’re obviously a lot stronger. She’s probably in early labor. Probably. This birth is a lot more drawn out than the last one.

This forced inactivity is maddening.

Paula’s trying to sleep now.


I may go out for a beer. Or a movie. Why not?


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  1. Auntie Jo permalink

    As soon as you get too far away, things will pick up again!

    Thanks for the new news! I’ve been F5-F5-F5ing all afternoon waiting for juicy details.

    Sending all sorts of good thoughts!

    • Dave permalink

      Thanks for the good thoughts. Things are picking up steam. Looks like the epidural will be next. The baby’s heartbeat is still strong.

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