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Jefferson’s new obsessions

by on Monday, September 3, 2012 9:00 pm

Jefferson has a few new obsessions.

First he loves spending time outside. If you hear “Come on <name> go outside!” That’s your cue. Here’s my father and Jefferson after they don appropriate attire for outside play.

Second are  “nasty bees.” They terrify him. Unfortunately he keeps mistaking errant pieces of mulch or gravel for a nasty bee and demanding that we attend to the identified item and disable it. Here’s a picture of one such bee for your edification.

He’ll get over this eventually I suppose. Don’t bother the mulch kid and it won’t bother you!

Next he has decided that everything on earth is his. You just don’t know it yet. Here he is wearing his new shoes –

and feeding his Baby Peanut.

Finally, Jefferson has really started sleep rolling/bumping/flopping. Lately I have to establish a strong position early in the night and struggle constantly to maintain it. Otherwise he’ll jostle me off the side of the bed. He steadily moves right until I groggily realize I’m right at the edge of the bed. I scoot left and slide him over. Repeat. It’s sort of like boxing out in basketball I suppose. But at least he doesn’t kick me in the side anymore.


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