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Jefferson See, Jefferson Do.

by on Saturday, September 8, 2012 11:12 am

Last weekend the exterior faucet in the backyard started leaking. I eventually fixed it, but not before whacking it a few times and cursing in frustration. Jefferson of course also started cursing and hitting the wall with a toy truck. A few days later I made sure the faucet was fixed and he came running over so he could once again curse and hit wall. He was just trying to help, but Jefferson see, Jefferson do. Oops.

And this morning he pointed out a variety of scary “nasty bees.” Pointed and ran! But don’t worry, I disabled them all.

Then we practiced our Abbot & Costello routine.

Dave: What’s this?

Jefferson: A nasty bee!

Dave: No, it’s mulch. Mulch.

Jefferson: Mulch.

Dave: We’ve talked about mulch remember? Here I’ll show you. What are we standing on here? What’s this?

Jefferson: Mulch.

Dave: Good. And then what’s this piece that I picked up? What’s this?

Jefferson: Mulch.

Dave: Right again! Then what’s this smaller piece I just broke off? What’s this?

Jefferson: Mulch.

Dave: We’re almost there! Then what’s this thing you pointed at earlier? What’s this?

Jefferson: Nasty bee.

Eventually we made some progress. I think.

We’re also starting to differentiate between bees and flies, and I even swatted a fly with my shoe just to show that he didn’t have to fear them. The next time he spotted some mulch he took off his shoe and began swatting away. Or rather waving/swatting away, since he didn’t understand that he needs to hit the mulch to disable it. But still I was encouraged. Go Jefferson! Get in there! No fear buddy! That mulch better watch out!

Then Jefferson found a nasty wasp. He called it a bee, but it was actually a wasp. So he again of course took off his shoe and began waving it around. He was about to enter the arena (Jefferson vs. Wasp to the death! Or more probably to the sting!) when I stopped him. I tried to encourage him to leave bees and wasps alone (and now mulch too I suppose), but I’m not sure he understood.

We’ll probably have to revisit this soon, hopefully before he gets stung. Oh kid what have I taught you? Another oops.

Jefferson see, Jefferson do.


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