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I love Trains!

by on Monday, November 12, 2012 7:18 am

Sunday Jefferson and I went to a November Show for the Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club.

As model train setups go, this one is pretty impressive.  Three miles of tracks over 4,200 square feet. About 1,500 train cars running during the show.

Jefferson loved it.

He was like a crack addict who stumbled upon an abandoned warehouse full of gourmet cocaine. He went absolutely bananas. Buh-Nan-Uhs.

We stayed for about 75 minutes and he would have stayed for 2 days if I had let him.

He would demand shoulder jail so he could see over the railing, then he’d demand to get down so he could run to another part of the show. Then he’d demand shoulder jail again and begin slapping the sides of my face in excitement.  “There’s another one Dave! Another one!”

Of course what got the most attention was their Thomas train setup. Here’s a youtube video of that.

A couple times he tried to climb over the plexiglass and get the trains.  “I want to get  Thomas! I want to get Thomas!”

Near the exit there’s a spot where children can run their own electric trains. Jefferson was interested briefly, but then of course he slipped under the bar so he could grab the trains and move them by hand instead.

I think he had a little train overload. At one point he demanded food and started taking off his shoes and socks to get comfortable so he could eat. His pants would have been next. So we left.

He struggled and screamed “No! No! I don’t want to go home! I don’t want to go home!” He sobbed and sniffled all the way home.

He loves trains about as much as I think is humanly possible.

Here’s a song he sometimes sings along too – I Love Trains!!


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