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Turkey & Ketchup Sandwich Day Over


We had two adults and four kids as guests, although Paula had prepared enough food to feed at least four times that many. (No exaggeration. We’ll be eating turkey for weeks. She began preliminary prep on Sunday.)

The adults relaxed with wine and a good meal.

The children also had a nice meal and got to run around and make noise.

At one point they formed an impromptu marching band, although Jefferson did repeatedly demand that all present give up their instruments. They were his and he wanted them back. His concept of “mine” gets stronger every day.

Everyone complimented Paula on the wonderful food. Except Jefferson. The only thing he ate all day was a ketchup sandwich I made for him.


Thanksgiving is almost here.


Just a little longer now until zero hour.

Here’s the adult’s table.

And here’s the children’s table.

Paula is busy cooking away and I am moving furniture and children around.

I offered to do Thanksgiving next year but Paula declined. She doesn’t want Chinese takeout for the meal.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Auntie Sis-Sis is still the coolest thing on Earth


I got new iphone 5’s mostly because it permits facetime. Sort of like skype via phone.

It’s enabled Jefferson’s continued obsession with Auntie Sis-Sis.

He must spend about 15 minutes a day having fake conversations with her via lego blocks.

Anytime he can actually talk to her via facetime he keeps running around to show her things, demonstrate things, etc. This only confirms my equation of cool.

Cool = Limited access x Fun quotient.

On Friday Jefferson, Daniel, and I discussed it over ketchup sandwiches.

Instead of a whiteboard and markers we used plates and ketchup.

Snubbing The Train Show in favor of friends


Today Jefferson and I went back to the train show.

He went bonkers again over the Thomas train set. He spent half the time demanding shoulder jail so he could see better, then half the time demanding to be put down so he could chase Thomas.

At one he point he lunged forward from shoulder jail and managed to grab the top of the plexiglass. He of course wanted to go see Thomas.

Here’s 40 seconds of Thomas Mania.

But once he lost sight of Thomas he got sad and quiet and asked to leave. We were there for less than 30 minutes.

It was very odd. But I should have guessed from his behavior earlier that day.

I suppose there is one thing he likes more on Earth than trains – friendship.

<Getting ready>

Dave: Come on kid, let’s go see trains.

Jefferson: I don’t want to see trains, I want to see my friends.

Dave: Well, your friends are coming over later today kid.

Jefferson: Let’s go see my friends.

<Getting into the car>

Jefferson: I want cookies Dave.

Dave: Well, after we get there you can have a cookie kid.

Jefferson: Bring cookies for my friends too Dave. They can have a cookie. You can have a cookie too Dave. Mommy can have a cookie too.

<Driving there>

Dave: We’re going to see trains kid.

Jefferson: We’re not going to see trains Dave, we’re going to see my friends.


Dave: Here we are at the trains kid.

Jefferson: We’re not at the trains Dave, we’re going to see my friends.

Dave: Well, maybe after this we’ll go home. Your friend should be there in a little bit.

Jefferson: We are not going home Dave, we’re going to see my friends.

<Heading home>

Dave: We’re going home kid. Your friends are coming over.

Jefferson: Okay. We’re not going home Dave, we’re going to see my friends.

<When people start coming up the steps>

Jefferson: My friends! My friends Dave! Mommy my friends are here!

<An hour later>

Jefferson: Hi Dave! These are my friends! I have guests!

I love Trains!


Sunday Jefferson and I went to a November Show for the Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club.

As model train setups go, this one is pretty impressive.  Three miles of tracks over 4,200 square feet. About 1,500 train cars running during the show.

Jefferson loved it.

He was like a crack addict who stumbled upon an abandoned warehouse full of gourmet cocaine. He went absolutely bananas. Buh-Nan-Uhs.

We stayed for about 75 minutes and he would have stayed for 2 days if I had let him.

He would demand shoulder jail so he could see over the railing, then he’d demand to get down so he could run to another part of the show. Then he’d demand shoulder jail again and begin slapping the sides of my face in excitement.  “There’s another one Dave! Another one!”

Of course what got the most attention was their Thomas train setup. Here’s a youtube video of that.

A couple times he tried to climb over the plexiglass and get the trains.  “I want to get  Thomas! I want to get Thomas!”

Near the exit there’s a spot where children can run their own electric trains. Jefferson was interested briefly, but then of course he slipped under the bar so he could grab the trains and move them by hand instead.

I think he had a little train overload. At one point he demanded food and started taking off his shoes and socks to get comfortable so he could eat. His pants would have been next. So we left.

He struggled and screamed “No! No! I don’t want to go home! I don’t want to go home!” He sobbed and sniffled all the way home.

He loves trains about as much as I think is humanly possible.

Here’s a song he sometimes sings along too – I Love Trains!!

Eating is complicated


Daniel is eating so much and so often that we’re having trouble keeping up.

In terms of what to eat though it’s simple. Milk and more of it!

Jefferson’s the other way. We constantly set food out for him and he nibbles at a couple things before announcing he doesn’t want it.

He used to love love ham, cucumber, watermelon, eggs, cheese, hot dogs, bananas, apples broccoli, etc. Now he hates them all.

If he had his way he’d live off ketchup sandwiches with croutons and french fries.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!


Here’s thirty seconds of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Jefferson knows the tune and some of the words.

He’s like James Brown. Full of enthusiasm!

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